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We offer many services, psychological testing, applied behavioral analysis (ABA), speech and language therapy, and psychomotor therapy amongst others. Beyond our well-educated and caring staff, what makes us unique are our many playscapes that help make therapy fun for children of all ages. Our center is designed for children of ages 18 months through 18 years, and each of our spaces has a unique therapeutic purpose behind them. This type of play-based environment helps reinforce positive learning and cognition through "fun" therapies that children enjoy. Some of our rooms and playscapes include an outdoor play area, psychomotor room, an early intervention classroom, a quiet room for breaks and positive reinforcement, and a sensory room. Even our bathrooms are designed with sensory and visual communication needs in mind.

Our values are people first, collaboration, inclusion, dedication, innovation, and community. Collectively, this means we always put our students and their parents first, listening carefully to their objectives and needs. Our center also believes in inclusion. We want our students to be able to succeed in a neurotypical world, while also fostering a supportive special needs community that helps achieve that goal. Our staff is highly dedicated to providing individualized therapy to each child, as well as an innovative and fun therapy that helps develop a love of learning.


Leo Kanner Center for Educational Therapy is represented in that every child could achieve his or her full potential and have a decent and a meaningful life.


Promoting the development of children with disabilities in an open and inclusive society where they could achieve their fullest potential and enhance their own capabilities

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