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Our Services Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA is emerging as the gold standard when it comes to behavior modification and autism treatment. Autism is truly a spectrum, and each child has different behavioral deficits and positives. The goal of ABA is to use positive reinforcement through reward systems like token boards and other reinforcers to help modify behavior in a therapeutic way. ABA moves away from negative reinforcers and instead concentrates on rewarding good behavior as opposed to punishing "bad" behavior. This is especially important when it comes to nonverbal students, as it's important to remember that all behavior is a form of communication. A good ABA therapist will get to the root of unwanted behaviors to discover what each child is trying to communicate. A board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) oversees our program, while individual ABA technicians work closely with each student. ABA also models real-world problems to help prepare those with ASD to tackle tough situations they may encounter in the real world. The long-term goal of any ABA therapy is to help a person succeed in the "real world," building self-esteem and confidence.

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