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Our Services Early Intervention Program

Our early intervention classrooms provides an ABA focused, play-based learning environment for children with autism spectrum disorder and other learning difficulties from the ages of 18 months to 6 years. While our early intervention program differs from the separate services provided, we offer each of those services specifically to our early intervention students in this age group. For instance, each child will receive individualized speech and language therapy, ABA therapy, psychomotor therapy, and special education services. Some of the goals in our early intervention program include building physical skills like walking, crawling, climbing, and cognitive skills such as problem-solving. Building early social skills is also a prime directive of our early intervention classroom, promoting parallel play between younger toddlers and social interactive play with older children. We also work on defining each child's sensory needs and finding sensory-related goals that help with processing deficits. Another goal is to work on self-care and adaptive skills like toileting, dressing, and feeding oneself. The entire classroom is designed with sensory needs in mind and includes bean bag chairs, cube chairs for security, and sensory toys.

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